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What is a "paleo diet"?

What Is a Paleo Diet?

Q: What is a Paleo diet and what do you think of this type of diet? A: The “Paleo” diet is a diet designed to emulate the diet of humans during the Paleolithic period using modern foods. Dairy products, grains…

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Nutty News from Aston University

6/30/14 ASTON UNIVERSITY, UK Research has shown that eating almonds can reduce the risk of heart disease by keeping blood vessels healthy. Research indicates that almonds significantly increase the amount of antioxidants in the blood stream, reduce blood…

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My Wellness Philosophy

Nutrition is important to building health, but doctors don’t practice nutrition, they practice medicine. When facing some complex health issues of my own, I began to journey back to my roots and rediscovered the power of nutrition to transform…

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