About Paula

Nutrition is the foundation of health in the body, and just as concrete and steel can create a sure foundation for our homes, nourishing the body with real, nutrient-dense foods can build a healthy body from which we can enjoy an abundantly healthy life!

It sounds simple, not like rocket science, and yet our modern lifestyle and environment can make achieving real health impossible for many. The reasons for this are endless…Lack of knowledge and understanding, marketing gimmicks that cause confusion, unrealistic expectations, lack of self awareness, overwhelming life circumstances, excessive stress, genetic issues, dependence on modern medicine, financial barriers, and often loss of hope that vital health is actually achievable.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I specializes in helping clients make changes to their food and lifestyle using a Functional Medicine approach to health and wellness. When working with clients, I evaluate systems of the body to determine problem areas that may indicate a significant underlying problem or “root cause”. I also consider the environment that clients live in, evaluating foods, exercise, sleep, stress, medications, personal care products, cleaning products, habits and more. Frequently, addressing problem areas by making appropriate changes to the client’s personal environment offers significant improvement in sub-clinical symptoms (symptoms doctors have not linked to any diagnosable condition). Clients often feel relieved and encouraged that their illness is not “all in their head”.

I provide education and coaching for my clients privately, through classes, and through multiple media formats. My goal is to help you to build the diet and lifestyle that works for you, allowing you the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest! My deepest desire is for all of my clients to experience True Change.

My Story

The roots of my passion for nutrition and movement run deep. Growing up in South Louisiana alongside my identical twin sister, we were steeped in the Cajun culture where good food, dance, faith, and joie de vivre are the foundations of community. As a teenager when my sister and I began experiencing the effects of all that good food coupled with sugar and processed foods, my Aunt Violet, who was our dance instructor, advised my mother to limit our sugar and junk food intake. That intervention created an awareness of the importance of nutrition and was a catalyst that sparked my passion for nutrition and my career as a dietitian. While studying nutrition in college I became an aerobic instructor and personal trainer working in a hospital-based wellness center. There among strong mentors, my passion for wellness through nutrition and movement became firmly rooted. Upon completing graduate school and my dietetic internship, I began my career as a clinical dietitian. After many years in the healthcare system I felt unfulfilled in the medical environment and found myself longing to return to the wellness environment. During a period of prolonged stress while working in a management position in healthcare, I began experiencing health challenges of my own. Frustrated with minimization of the role of nutrition in the healthcare system and the lack of answers it had for me and others, I began to return to my roots in wellness and discovered Functional Medicine. I began my private practice in January 2013 and have since helped hundreds improve their health through nutrition.

Work with Me  


I enjoy country life in Brenham, Texas with my husband and step-son. I love cooking, dancing, and spending time with family and friends in my spare time. In 2014, my sister Patti and I opened a Pilates studio and wellness boutique in Brenham where I teach Power Pilates Mat classes, TotalBarre Fitness classes, and nutrition workshops. I am passionate about helping others discover new ways to prepare nutritious foods and I take joy in seeing clients transform their health and lives through nutrition and movement.