About Paula

Hi, I’m Paula, and I help women over 40 overcome fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, weight loss resistance, and other challenges brought on by hormone imbalance. Supporting my clients and students to optimize their nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and personal environment is key to clearing the roadblocks to hormone balance, and restoring the confidence and health they desire.

Nutrition is the foundation for your health, but modern lifestyle and environment has made achieving sustainable health seem impossible. Marketing confusion, diet culture, unrealistic expectations, nutrition & fitness propaganda, excessive stress, genetic issues, dependence on modern medicine, have lead to an epidemic of fatigue, hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, and overwhelm in women.

I’m the creator of The Female Energy Equation™ a 12-week program that helps busy women create their blueprint for sustainable energy and hormone balance at 40 and beyond. I’m also the creator of the 5-Day Fatigue Fix™, and the 10-Day Energy Reset & Detox™ programs.

My goal is to help you ditch the diet dogma, and build the nutrition and lifestyle that works for you, so you can experience freedom and confidence to enjoy and live life to the fullest! 

My Story

The roots of my passion for nutrition and movement run deep.

I grew up in South Louisiana alongside my identical twin sister, where we were steeped Cajun culture… with a love for good food, dance, God, and revel in joie de vivre (the joy of life). As teenagers my sister and I were experiencing the effects of all that good food coupled with sugar and processed foods. Our dance instructor (my Aunt Violet), advised my mom to limit our sugar and processed food intake. It worked!

That intervention was the catalyst that sparked my passion for nutrition and my career as a dietitian.

While studying nutrition in college I became an aerobic instructor and personal trainer in a hospital-based wellness center. My passion for wellness through nutrition and movement became firmly rooted, growing deeper as I completed graduate school, internship, and began my career as a clinical dietitian.

After many years in the healthcare system I felt unfulfilled and found myself longing to return to my roots.  At about the same time, I began experiencing health challenges of my own in my mid-30’s.  Frustrated with the healthcare system and the lack of answers it had for me, I began to return to my roots in wellness and discovered Functional Medicine.

I started a private practice in January 2013 and have since helped hundreds of women fight fatigue and improve hormone balance using my proprietary method.

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