The main thing I did was change up my breakfast and stop eating wheat. No more fruity mornings. Just eggs, veggies and sometimes berries. That has kept me so full that lunch is usually light. Anyway, with that one minor change, my visible inflammation is gone! My knee no longer sticks and aches. My stomach isn’t bloated. I’m sleeping better!

-Mandi B.

I did not feel “healthy” even though I was functioning. I lost approximately 9 pounds in about 4 months time even though I have not been “trying” to lose weight, but only improved my nutrition and hydration…Working with Paula is a great way to get on track. I cannot sing Paula’s praises enough

- Lynette D.

I enjoy the straightforward dialogue and breakdown of steps transforming previous hurdles into stepping stones towards living more abundantly in all realms.  I am now a positive nurturing role model for my kids on prepping food at home in order to fuel up for the day’s activities and I am physically able to stand straighter with the loss of weight and no longer feeling like I am “moving through sludge” daily.

- Suzette M.

Implementing the 5-Day Fatigue Fix™ Guide, I’ve been drinking lemon water every morning, and drank so much more throughout the day. I’m using the Power Plate Method™ and I’ve exercised most days and lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I’m not “dieting” and I feel like inflammation is improving, too.

- Rachel S.

I was confused and anxious about what was happening in my body, and I was tired all the time. Working with Paula helped me reconnect with myself… Within weeks, I was eating nourishing foods and losing unwanted weight, and surprisingly enjoying every bit of it. I have energy for the things that matter to me and I have discovered a new way of eating and being that I can sustain.

- Deborah B.

Before working with Paula, I was tired, stressed, my body hurt. I was confused with what was happening in my body. I’m learning what works for by body. Paula has helped me to learn how to help myself

- Karen B.

This course is helping me with my eating and how and what to eat. It’s been an eye opener! My energy levels have been a little better. The one thing I have noticed is less stomach issues like gas and bloating. I’m not always perfect…my cravings have lessened and I’m not reaching for snacks throughout the day.

- Christi V.

I was suffering from fatigue, indigestion, hormonal and mood swings…Paula’s support gave me the motivation to incorporate new eating and supplement plans. I now sleep through the night without nightsweats, no more acid feeling in my stomach, have lost some previously hard to get off weight and have more energy and feel so much better. I recommend Paula constantly to my friends. 

- Stephanie H.

I was tired and had aches, pain in back, legs and intestinal issues. After working with Paula I feel 100% better.
It’s been a long time since I have felt this good. She is amazing and will help you as long as you are willing to do the work.

- Sue T.

Before working with Paula, I was depressed and exhausted. As a life-long dieter, I felt hopeless and had recently given up on ever really being able to lose weight and feel good again, without rigid food regimens. Within a couple of weeks I experienced more energy and confidence. I have a more flexible way of eating and continue to experience increased energy, clearer thinking, and stable moods. I’ve also my lowered my blood sugar, lost weight and reduced my medication.

- Kim R.