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Oh, my!  I’ve had so many conversations around this topic lately.  If I’m honest, this topic comes up regularly in the work I do, helping women build hormone health.  Lately though, these conversations have expanded to conversations with friends and colleagues,too.  Women who are doing, and have done…(Read More)

This past week has been a cold one, here in South Central Texas.  We’ve also had loads of rain for the past 2 1/2 months. This now cold and rainy weather has felt more like winter, and it’s only November. This past Sunday morning, we woke to rain and a temperature…(Read More)

I don’t often post personal stuff but this woman has influence my life greatly.  I hope this honors my Aunt Violet, her family, and her memory.   For those of us she leaves behind…The show must go on. Since the first time my mother shared the awful news, I have known that…(Read More)

In my practice, and in my life, the question that I am asked most often by clients, friends, and family is, “What should I eat to lose weight?” or “get healthier?”   The question itself is indicative of the lack of connection that people have with their bodies these days.  It saddens me that so many…(Read More)