Why do I need to put in an application?

I love helping women who are ready to restore hormonal harmony, but I have a limited amount of free sessions to offer each week while I offer this special.

I try to reserve these sessions for serious inquires only, to women who are actively seeking a solution and a mentor to help them through this.

Preference will be given to those who have basic nutrition knowledge, understand and accept that lifestyle and nutrition have a significant impact on health and are ready to take action and responsibility for making change.

Who is my coaching best for?

1) You have a history of basic self-care, you try to eat well and exercise regularly or have in the past, but what you have been doing isn’t working and you’re ready for something different.

My clients are professional women, entrepreneurs, at home mothers, and working mothers who want and need to be better to enjoy the career and life they want to live.

Things have changed in their health and vitality and they are ready to take back their life.

Or they’ve had a little success with a nutrition or lifestyle intervention but don’t want to waste time figuring everything out on their own.

2) It’s also for people who have done their homework.

You have taken the time to read through my letter to you, my website, my testimonials and already resonate with my approach and have an idea (s) of where you want to go.

3) Your personal foundation is stable enough for our work to take root.

Your personal foundation includes things like your ability to focus, prioritize and take action on things that matter, and generally have your stuff together.

You don’t have to be perfect but being able to get something done is an advantage.

If you’re in the middle of a divorce, moving, getting married on involved in some major life event or change, it is usually not the best time for you and I to work privately.

4) You fit my ideal client profile in other ways such as… 

You are the kind of person that will take action and accomplish what needs to be done without being poked or prodded.  You may need guidance or direction (that’s what I am here for), but I won’t be dragging you along. You are ready to “GO”.

You have time, or you are willing to carve out time for the self-care steps that are required to achieve the outcome you want.

You know that something needs to change in your life and health now (You may feel as though it is a “now or never” moment in your life).

You’re ready to partner with a health coach who can guide you on the path to reclaim your vitality.

You are ready to “let yourself off the hook” for being in the condition you are in and take action to care for and nurture yourself back to the health and life you want.

You are looking for sustainable nutrition and lifestyle interventions for the long haul.

You appreciate candid advice, straight-talk and keeping it real.

You value quality and seek it out in all areas of your life.

You’re absolutely willing to try new things.

You value investing in yourself. In fact, you probably do it all the time in a variety of different ways.

You view your relationship with your coach as sacred time for yourself.

You desire a sense of joy and vitality in your work and personal life.

These are common characteristics of my best clients and who I do my best work with. If this sounds like you, let’s get started!

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What qualifies Paula to help you?

I have been a licensed, Registered Dietitian for 20+ years with an insider’s understanding of the healthcare industry and why it doesn’t/hasn’t/can’t work for the typical client seeking my help. I have spent the last 10 year researching and obtaining education and training in traditional, holistic nutrition and functional medicine nutritional protocols. With my focus on Functional Medicine and Wellness, I began my own private practice in 2013 and I have helped many others improve and restore their health.

I have a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from University of Louisiana at Lafayette (1993) (Go Ragin’ Cajuns!) and a MS in Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University (1997). I have studied functional medicine for years, including completing the Institute for Functional Medicine’s foundational course (AFMCP). In October, 2014, I also opened a boutique Pilates and Wellness studio with my twin sister, Patti, in Brenham, Texas, where I teach Pilates, Barre and Nutrition classes.

Does Paula accept insurance?

No, insurance does not yet cover this type of virtual nutrition consultation, nor does insurance cover many other services that are preventive and not medical in nature. Even in the healthcare setting, very few nutrition consultations are paid by insurers.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Every day, women contact me complaining of fatigue, mood swings, digestive issues, brain fog, weight gain, poor sleep, and more. I can help. I offer online programs and work with clients remotely!

My students and clients come to me because they need more. They want more for their health and performance and they know that nutrition is powerful. Transforming women's health through nutrition and lifestyle is my passion.

Each week, I reserve a few spots in my schedule to talk with women just like you! To start your journey today, schedule your FREE Power-full Energy, Focus, and Mood Strategy Call with me.

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