My Approach

These are the steps that I guide my clients through to restore their hormonal harmony…

1. Plan Your Defense with Foods and Habits that Nurture Your Body and Soul: Identifying the right foods and lifestyle choices that truly nourish your body is like having a good home security system. I will help you focus on the superfoods and habits that nurture your body and soul so you can feel like yourself again.

2. Call in Reinforcements to Increase Energy, Improve Mood and Rest Easy: I will show you how to restore mental sharpness and stability, calm, restful sleep, and sanity by getting you off blood sugar roller coaster of energy, mood and sleep disturbances that derail your days (and nights). Together we will identify the biggest offenders and set things right.

3. Stop the Stressors that are Robbing You Blind: Modern life is filled with stressors that can wear you down and take advantage of your hormones. I will help you identify stressors that continually hijack your hormones and share daily stress reducing practices that work for you to create hormonal harmony and help you feel your best.

4. Expose Mysterious & Sneaky Food Intolerances: Food intolerances can frequently be the cause of digestive issues, brain fog, skin problems, fatigue and more. When these food stressors go unchecked, they tax the immune system and stress the body. Together we will identify these sneaky thieves and restore your hormonal harmony.

5. Clean Up the Riff-Raff: Toxins are hiding in the shadows of many foods, personal care and household products in your environment. With my guidance, you will remove the hidden toxins lurking in your diet while clearing out the toxins in your personal environment that are stealing your hormonal harmony.

These important steps create a foundation for hormonal harmony. Restoring balance and sense of security about the health of your body, and your future is essential to navigating this perimenopausal phase of life that few people talk about.

Are you ready for me to guide you through this path to hormonal harmony?



Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Every day, women contact me complaining of fatigue, mood swings, digestive issues, brain fog, weight gain, poor sleep, and more. I can help. I offer online programs and work with clients remotely!

My students and clients come to me because they need more. They want more for their health and performance and they know that nutrition is powerful. Transforming women's health through nutrition and lifestyle is my passion.

Each week, I reserve a few spots in my schedule to talk with women just like you! To start your journey today, schedule your FREE Power-full Energy, Focus, and Mood Strategy Call with me.

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