Who I Work With

While I’m certain I can help almost anyone to improve their “after 40” hormonal health, achieving success requires reflection and a deep engagement of clients in this process.

Assessing and addressing food choices and lifestyle factors that contribute to symptoms is a critical part of the work that I do with my clients. This work requires clients to ‘make space’ in their lives for interventions that will support this success.

“I’m tired, irritable and moody all the time. I’m bloated, can’t lose weight, I have trouble sleeping and my body aches. This all started around the time I turned 40. I feel like something has taken over my body. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my life back. Can you help me?”

Achieving hormonal harmony requires laying a foundation for optimal hormone function. If you are committed to reducing stress, upgrading your diet, activity and lifestyle, you and I are probably a great fit.

I’ve discovered that I work best with individuals who demonstrate the following attributes:

Proactive–My best clients don’t want to just sit and complain to someone about their challenges. They want to figure out how they got into their unique state of health, and what they can do about it.

Growth Mindset– My best clients enjoy new learning opportunities and come to their sessions with an open, interested mind and a willingness to let go of old ideas and ways of doing things so that they can achieve the “new” outcome that will define their success.

Ready and Able–My best clients prefer to resolve their health challenges consciously and are not looking for a quick fix, gimmicks, pills or prescriptions. They are looking to make sustainable changes for a lasting health.

High-Performers–My best clients are self-motivated and are often accomplished in many areas of their lives. They know when they need help and seek it out to accomplish their goals.

Self-Actualizers–My best clients are self-aware and have a strong desire to explore how to become the best version of themselves. They understand that success requires cultivating their awareness and paying attention to their body’s signals. They are often inclined to spiritual and reflective practices that support their growth.

Longevity and Legacy Focused – My best clients are not only concerned for their life now, but they desire continued health for the future.  They want to contribute to and enjoy their careers and families to the fullest for many years.

Many of my clients are:

Small business owners and entrepreneurs
Corporate Executives
Ministry Professionals and Early Retired Execs and Professionals
Professional consultants
Healthcare Professionals (ie. nurses, therapists, counselors)
Female Fitness Enthusiasts and Alternative health practitioners
Attorneys and professionals
Health Conscious Homemakers

Please feel free to discover more about how I have helped others like you find hormonal harmony and restore their energy, focus, moods and vitality. 



Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Every day, women contact me complaining of fatigue, mood swings, digestive issues, brain fog, weight gain, poor sleep, and more. I can help. I offer online programs and work with clients remotely!

My students and clients come to me because they need more. They want more for their health and performance and they know that nutrition is powerful. Transforming women's health through nutrition and lifestyle is my passion.

Each week, I reserve a few spots in my schedule to talk with women just like you! To start your journey today, schedule your FREE Power-full Energy, Focus, and Mood Strategy Call with me.

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