What is a "paleo diet"?

What Is a Paleo Diet?


What is a "paleo diet"?Q: What is a Paleo diet and what do you think of this type of diet?
A: The “Paleo” diet is a diet designed to emulate the diet of humans during the Paleolithic period using modern foods. Dairy products, grains, legumes, processed oils, and refined sugar are avoided, while pastured meats, fish, organ meats, unrefined vegetable and animal fats, fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds are included. This diet provides a nutrient density that many other styles of eating do not. It also eliminates many foods that have been implicated as contributors to food intolerance, digestive issues, inflammation and many modern diseases. I am a “Paleo friendly” dietitian and support the use of a variety of nutrient dense dietary eating styles. As with anything else, I recommend seeking out the help of a professional when attempting to plan a nutritionally balanced eating plan.